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Data Services

TCX creates comprehensive customer insight programs that fuel your company’s customer acquisition and retention efforts by leveraging the power of VoC (voice of the customer), VoB (voice of the business), and VoD (voice of the data).


Dashboards & Scorecards

Modernize your data with 360° systems for performance monitoring and management


Customized Modeling & Algorithm Development

Create a more efficient and collaborative design process that economizes lab time and gets you to implementation confidently


Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Identify patterns in historical data, predict future trends and probabilities, and evaluate and path new ways to operate


Data Architecture

Construct a data framework that demystifies and delivers the right data to the right stakeholders at the right time.


Game Theory, Virtual Market Creation

Improve your decision-making with scenarios that stress test strategies for your market.


Data Audit & Remediation Planning

Develop a proactive, technological approach to the demands of shifting regulatory environments and fiscal accountability

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